about me

haraeya eris. she/her. not a minor. unlabeled.reminiscence — every story i write will always bear a wistful memory i long to exist.

i write to personify my prospect of musings and realms into permanence through words. each and every one of my works spills a cascade of hues all over the chasm in me. i always hope that my unfurled colors will spiral its way to your mind and ignite an unrecognized spark in the shape of your own enchanting halcyon.

my readers are called raeveries because you are my dreams come true, my heart's sincerest yearnings. as the sun collides with the moon; as ephemeral moments burn into memories; as time progresses with our vanishing soul, we'll glow like evanescent reveries together. our luminescence will soon fade into nothing but we gleamed more than the radiance of a valley of stars. i am blessed to have your lifetime coincide with mine; your divine existence is a whole revolution. i love you forever. thank you for being here.


tonight and always (completed)
a kiss of a thousand words (completed)
where love treads back (on-going)

what destiny lies for us (on-going)

untamed regrets (completed)
mirific flower petals (completed)

a flowerbed for romantics (completed)
seasons of heartbreaks (completed)
musings buried under (completed)


JANUARY07- soh published
FEBRUARY07- taa published
14 - mfp published
MAY14 - wdlfu published
JUNE05 - akoatw published
12 - mbu published
SEPTEMBER22 - affr published
NOVEMBER02 - utrg published

JANUARY23 - sythnaia's birthday
30 - morraia's anniversary
MARCH02 - delonix's birthday
MAY10 - thaddeus' birthday
JUNE12 - fleur's birthday
JULY10 - nayi's birthday
12 - maddox's birthday
AUGUST04 - kievon's birthday
17 - morri's birthday
21 - chai's birthday
DECEMBER6 - cris' birthday
20 - arius' birthday

freeing the shadows
our ardent shadows

dethroning the sun
graces in the dark
midnight tapes